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Super Mario movie becomes highest ever grossing animated film over opening weekend.

Nintendo is one of our investments in the portfolio. It has some short-term headwinds (as the console cycle move against the company), but with several upside opportunities/options long term. Including but not limited to:

· Increased digitalization (moving away from physical game format and thus higher margins)

· More recurring revenue (more stable cash flows)

· Less dependency on console cycle as the platform/OS becomes more central and less dependent on hardware (lower console cycle risk).

· Leveraging IP into huge mobile market (very weak presence today) and other (e.g., movies).

· In addition, the company is poorly managed in terms of capital allocation, with a quite large pile of cash in the company, something that can only get better.

The last two points are seen as options in our case.

‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ is a box office smash - Bloomberg

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